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Soap Chapter 12

Translator: Agni

Editor + proof reader + Japanese advisor: yAmi

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Lucia, getting measured


“Fuun, you are quite something. It is about 3500.”

DeViar principal verified the scale of the measuring device which been held in my mouth, uh-huh, he nodded in an interested manner.

My eye was teary because of magical power recover medicine, even if you are somehow delighted, I couldn’t! Really! It was terrible, you know?! Such nasty thing, it was not meant to be eaten nor to be drank. And yet, to think I had to drink four bottles, my mouth went numb, I couldn’t even feel it anymore.

“You know what this means based on the numbers right?”

“That’s right. During the dragon subjugation one year ago, it would take time to swallow the bitter magic recover medicine and in the end, the dead and injured increased. Therefore in this one year, we converted the magical power into numerical values, and from the data, we trying to advance the research to make it easier to consume the medication by diluting it.”

DeViar principal was said so while looking at the empty bottle.
Well then, wouldn’t it be much better had I drank the diluted version?!
As if he had seen through my thoughts, DeViar principal heaved a sigh.

“However, it didn’t work out that easily. We found out after making the taste drinkable that doing so causes there to be hardly any recovery, and in the end, the situation is that we will continue to be reliant on this thing. Here, you can drink some of this water”

I obediently received the cup of water that was given to me. It is alright to drink water now, so I want to wash away this lingering taste in my mouth.

“Leaving that aside, Miss Lucia, on behalf of the leader who is absent, I want to give my gratitude for taking care of the knight order. Al Tado was protected by your power so that it didn’t particularly had damage”

That’s right, what had happened since then?!
I listened to Astaurgar vice-leader about it while drinking a cup of water that had been poured from a water jug. Please excuse my ill manners.

“Those whose injured by the rukh’s attack was already left, there was zero casualties. I heard it was because of the help of your magic.”

I was relieved at his words. That’s great! I am glad I had gathered my courage!

“Umm, after that….could you tell me what happened?

At my enquiry, Astaurgar vice-leader nodded.

“Yes. After you used magic, a large quantity of soap bubbles appeared combined into a big one and wrapped up the swarming ogress. The ogress abruptly turned around and left, as if nothing happened”

“And then you collapsed due to use up all of your magical power, and was carried to my place. It was difficult to separate you from them. You are a young woman, if there is some improper conduct it would be unpleasant, isn’t it?”

Swarm of ogress and ogresses left without put out a fight? …..But, was such a thing possible? I never heard it before.

“Losing its fighting spirit, the rukh didn’t even used the thing like shockwave that was its formidable skill, ogress and ogresses was said to left, suddenly losing intention to attack……what on earth is with your magic?”

“Until now I have thought that it has no more effect than to remove stain…..”

“To remove stain…..are you saying that—the ferociousness of those monster is a stain? Losing that, the monster was calmed down and not attacking human”

Astaurgar vice-leader furrowed his brow, he was pondering.

“It was similar with the saint-sama purification light, isn’t it? Although, saint-sama light will be burned something completely, it is an power to obliterate”

“It was similar yet not the same, what makes it similar is that both could achieve purification of the monster, isn’t it? That’s right, this matter has to be reported to His Majesty. Bechler-sensei, DeViar principal, Lucia-sama. I will leave now to handle it”

Asutoruga vice-leader left in a hurry with a stern expression on his face.

“Now, may I examine your magic, Miss? What about your crystal? When you fainted, did it get damaged?”

DeViar principal stroked his long beard as his eyes was wandering around my chest.

In this world, magic could be established by using crystal as a medium. All crystal was connected to the sky crystal tree, I hear the invocation of magic is passed through the crystal to activate magic.

Therefore, all of academia’s magician hang the crystal down on their chest, and chant magic while touching the crystal.

However I became aware of that after I came to the capital (Al Tado). There were no magicians around me and there was no one who was familiar with magicians either.

So, at first, I did wonder why I could use ‘Soap’ without a medium.

“I didn’t use crystal. It had been like that up until now”


DeViar principal seemed to be quite surprised at my reply.

“From when I was a child I used nothing, I also don’t understand how to make invocation using crystal”

“To freely using magic without medium…….it has more and more commonalities with saint-sama. Uumu…..I also have to momentarily return to the Academia”

To be told to have commonness with saint sama, that was likely a different degree of impoliteness to consider me and her to be identical……in what way, I wonder?

Bechler sensei looked at the perplexed me and suddenly laughed.

“Fuun……listen Lucia-chan, it may be better for you to prepare yourself a little”
“For what?”

“To have an audience with His Majesty. Do you have any decent clothes?

I became stiff at Bechler-sensei remarks.

His Majesty? Audience?

What is with this sudden trouble??




26 thoughts on “Soap Chapter 12

  1. Still love it~ After it had discontinued at chapter 8, I had went to the original site and google translated a couple of chapters. So I kinda got the gist of all this xD Now I’m just waiting for this to catch up to when Lucia meets the Saint.
    Thanks for the chapter~~<3


  2. you know i know one translator that translate every chapter with a different ratting r15 is pretty much kissing and a little bit more like accidently falling into the bed or kissing will pushing the girl to the wall…. nothing to heavy like sex scene so don’t worry by the way i did read some ch r18 and it can be pretty wild so if there some i would recommend to put anotice before your translate it and also make a little summary of the discution for those that whant to skip it … not me since i did read some previously and it did not surprise me but eh … lot of people are shy


    1. Yeah, I hope so. I will try to believe in our pure and dense Lucia, even if Celes go a little wild she (possibly) won’t give any response. So it might be safe XD


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