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Soap Chapter 13

Translator: Agni

Editor + proof reader + Japanese advisor: yAmi

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Lucia, confirming each other safety


“It is better for you to prepare properly. The talk will possibly happen promptly, I have that feeling. Well then, Lucia-chan will stay in this room, right. Something like going out is prohibited, please remember that~”

Bechler-sensei left the room as he hinted at a so-called challenge of having an audience with the king.

I who was left alone became perplexed. After all, supposing I was allowed to have an audience with the king, I still possess any decent clothes that would not be impolite!

I recalled the closet in my room and turned pale.

No, whether I have to meet him or not is yet to be known. I am no more than a servant, to have a glimpse of His Majesty figure is not even possible, yes, surely it won’t be allowed.

But Astaurgar vice-leader and DeViar principal, those people above the clouds, took an interest in my power. Recalling that fact made me tinged with anxiety.

What to do if it is really decided for me to have an audience with the king!

Just like that, I was in anguish then.

Once again I heard the sound of knocking on the door, and when I responded to that, four people could be seen from the opening of the door, they were Kikka-san, Rossera-san, Gina-san and Gino-san.

“Kikka-san! Rossera-san! Gina-san! Gino-san!”

I raised my voice as I felt happy. Everyone was safe! That was a wonderful and joyous thing.

“Lucia, are you alright? After you did your best in the Rukh extermination, we didn’t know where you went and so we looked for you.”

“Yes, I didn’t even consider that you would be in the medical office of Knight Order!”

“Lucia-chan, I heard the story from several people. You really did your best. But I never had thought that ‘soap’ could be useful other than for doing laundry”

“Lucia, you did a great job. Are you alright?”

My tears started to appear involuntarily when I looked at the their lively face.

After all, I can finally have a piece of mind.. That scary moment already ended, now everything is fine.

“Everyone, I am glad you are all safe”

“Aa, it was because you did your best. I heard you also swept away all the ogres?”

”How did you know that?”

I looked up while being hugged by Kikka-san.

“Weren’t there soldier corps who had been posted at the castle wall? The soldiers are commoners. I have many acquaintances among them.”

“My younger brother is a soldier. I heard the matter about Lucia from him. I heard the soap bubble made the ogres left, and it was because of Lucia”

“I am also acquainted with a lot of merchants”

“Yes that’s right, we are not washing ladies attached to the knights order just for show. That knight-sama was the one who giving us favor of informing us that you were in medical office (here). Although it seems like men were prohibited from entering, but since it has nothing to do with us, we come by using everybody’s rest time”

I’m thankful. I’m very glad.

“But I heard you collapsed, is your body not in pain anymore?”

“Yes, not too long ago I drank magical power restoration medicine. I am already full of spirit”

“Do tell us if you are having any difficulties.”

Rossa-san word woke me up. There was a problem! It would be good if it was just a needless anxiety, but from what Bechler-sensei has said, it would be better if I made preparations in advance!!

“Umm…..!  What should I do, I was told that, almost certainly, I will be granted permission to have an audience with His Majesty…..I hardly have any clothes of my own. What kind of appearance would not bring discourtesy towards His Majesty!?”

When I was still in Hathawes, Mother’s medicine was my first priority, and I had no private property left as it was used to pay for my debt after I came to Al Tado.

Even clothes, other than the grey apron dress which I am wearing now, I only have a second-hand blue dress for festivals and a navy blue dress which I usually wear on my days off.

“Won’t you lend me a dress? Don’t you have that?”

“If loaning a  dress is not plausible, will the blue dress from the festival be alright…..”

“The one you wear in New Year festival? Uu~n, that is also lovely but…….”

“That is, even if the fabric is not bad and it is lovely, if we not taken into consideration the underbust corset, that dress looks dull without any decoration. Don’t you have any other ones?”

“I don’t………”

When I said so, Gina-san and Gino-san looked at each other. Kikka san and Rossa-san also had troubled expression.

As expected, I wonder if I should have bought a few more? No, it was better to return the money first nevertheless. I have yet to finish clear off the debt.

“Supposing I am instructed to make an audience, it would be disrespectful to decline, isn’t it?”

“It is better to stop that. Lucia, how about we embroidered that blue dress?”

“That’s right! Even a little will make it pretty!”

Embroidery….that sounds good, and surely it is better than preparing a new one. Even if in the end I don’t have audience with the king, it won’t be wasteful.

“I’ll do that!”

“Then I’ll prepare the thread.”

“I am sorry, I will pay you later. I seems that I am not allowed to leave from here, could you bring the clothes from my room?”

“Don’t worry about money! You have to depend on others in a situation like this! It would be good if I could also doing the embroidery for you. It is just, I am not very good at work that needs fine detailing.”

Kikka-san smiled, bashfully.


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