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Soap chapter 15 (part 1)

Agni here. Sorry for the absurdly long delay >.<

Chapter 15 is very long… about 10 pages, while the usual chapter is about 4  to 5 pages. So I divided it into parts. But this part is… kinda short lol. I just want you to know that I am still alive and kicking, just got some shitty rl going so I couldn’t have much time to translate, and that is why I shamelessly released this short chapter :p

And I think I need an editor. Yami-sama is busy, and he has 2 other translation projects so I don’t want to add his burden with my horrible english. But for the japanese part I still need his help though >.< I tend to translate rather literally from japanese to english, so the sentence become awkward. I need an editor to fix my grammar and make the sentences flow better. Well just put it here, maybe some kind soul willing to help me. If you are interested, please comment below and we will talk about it.

Please welcome new editor for this project, Evie!

WARNING: 100% accuracy is not guaranteed.

Translator: Agni

Editor: Evie

Special thanks to yAmi!


Lucia, going on a journey (part 1)


I unconsciously raised my head hearing His Majesty’s words.


This is the first time I got to see His Majesty from up close and somehow he had an extremely worn-out expression on his face.


“That is all. Even though you are able to make the monsters obedient, it would be best to have at least one guard  escort you, to prevent any mishaps because of the demons.”


“Your Majesty, she is only a young girl. Please assign at least one soldier corps …..”


“No, to assign that many soldiers to protect a young girl, there will be an objection. Save the trouble. Now, that the military has already been reduced, if the castle is attacked a second time, we will be destroyed completely. Considering the defense of this place, we can neither afford to send someone too strong with her nor reduce the number of our troops significantly. Since the saint rejected the help of the maids and soldiers, I think she would be fine without the help of this lady though…. Florid, I entrust this task of selecting a suitable individual to you. While choosing someone who will not harm her, choose a person who will also be helpful to the  crown prince and the others. Miss, quickly make preparations. Helping the saint and also the crown prince. Everything is for the sake of the country.”


I looked down, unable to say anything.


What I could comprehend from the speech was, I was chosen to be an additional member of the group accompanying Saint-sama on the purification journey.


It’s an honor to be a part of the journey….. but, honestly, I’m scared.


I mean, it was scary when the monster attacked, do I still have go through that again? Although I have the ‘soap’ power, it doesn’t mean that my safety is guaranteed.


I am still an ordinary person. I only have small peculiar power in my hand, I can’t grip a sword, also can’t chant attack magic or restorative healing magic.


I wonder if the ordinary me could fit in  as a comrade in that group?

When I thought about it, my anxiety became worse.


However, I am thankful there is a reward. I don’t know how much the reward is, but it should be more than enough to clear up my debts. But I have never heard of a mere washing lady becoming such a group’s comrade!


….whatever happened to me now, Saint-sama in the past must have been faced with a similar decision.

If that was the case, then I have no choice but to resolve myself to go through with it.

I secretly heaved a sigh, feeling a bit gloomy.


In the middle of doing so, I thought about Saint-sama.

Is she already accustomed to battles? Or, like me, does she also think that they are scary?


—Saint-sama, I don’t know what kind of person you are, but if I get to meet you, I want to hear more about your situation. If she also stressed and scared like I am, then I will support her. Is it arrogant of me, as a person of this world, to consider that I could be helpful?


“Miss Lucia, I will accompany you to send you go back to chivalric order lodging house.”


That is right, even if I am scared, I am not in a position to be weak.

Then, I secretly made an oath myself to do my best. Since my departure  is unavoidable, I will hang on for as far as I can!



With the faith that this journey will be connected to the bright future, I looked up straight ahead.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※

(end of part 1)


31 thoughts on “Soap chapter 15 (part 1)

  1. Thank you for the chapter! And who the hell would object to sending a guard of soldiers alongside a girl who has an ability with potential, but is inexperienced. For heaven’s sake, she’s never been in a battle before! At leats give her 4 or 5 soldiers at least!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the chapter! I can see the logic in King’s action, but still… go bald King!!!! You can spare a lot for the Saint but could not spare some soldiers for someone that supposedly should protect the Saint life?? I can’t wait for the otp to meet (wish he will be the one assigned to Lucia), but this Florid is not bad too if he become Lucia’s bodyguard since he’s at least care for her safety.

    “….but, the course of event that happen to me now, Saint-sama in the past must had faced with similar decision.”
    Ohmygod. I think you’re the real saint, Lucia. I will not believe in lies and trust you as the Saint.


    1. No problemo~

      I planned to translate the celes pov after ch 15 was done, but I think this translation will get the same problem with the previous translator, i.e the author permission. I already got a warning after all >.<


      1. Is not like you are translating the ln, nor that it will start to be published in english any time soon, nor that you are getting money, nor like you are the very first to translate a wn that gains a book, you are actually contributing for the international popularization of a japanese writer.
        Unless they are also taking down the wn from syotsu or publishing in english there’s really no reason to stop you, unless that they simply like to remain unknown, don’t like free ad, or simply don’t like foreigners buying their books just because of pretty images and collection purpose. If that’s the case we won’t buy the book nor visit the wn page to try to google translate it and won’t contribute with the number of views anymore, to let it be forgotten until it is published in english or our own native languages, that is, if it is published, after all many only publish what is popular and one of the ways to know if it is popular is to have a fan translation~


      2. Yeah I got your point if view. But after all, we are only fans. Maybe we did advertised the author work for free, but in fact, the author did not gain any actual profit from it (read: money). Actually, I do not mind to disregard the warning and continue the translation, but if my translation could make the author get into the bad side of the publisher and might affect his/her publishing deal or smth like that, I believe it would be best for me to stop… >.<


  3. こちらの作品は日本の“小説家になろう”に掲載されているもので、


    1. I’m sorry for replying in english as my skill in japanese still not good enough for holds a conversation. I don’t have the author permission as this is only a translation from fan to fan, so I thought it won’t be a problem. But if the situation is as complicated as you said, then it might be best for me to contact the author. Thanks for your advice.


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