Can Someone Please Explain This Situation

Can Someone Explain This – Chapter 4

There are a few things I would like to clarify regarding this series.

  1. I do NOT pick this up. I’ll only post chapter every now and then till someone else take it. Please do so if someone wants to take it over. But I’d love to be informed beforehand :’D
  2. Unlike soap, I don’t have translation checker for this one as I regard it to be more like a side project. Hence, the accuracy is not guaranteed.
  3. As you will read further, my grammar and flow is horrible. So proceed with your own risk. If someone is willing to become the editor I’ll welcome him/her with hugs open arms. Just leave a comment bellow.
  4. Any correction, about the translation or grammar, will be very appreciated.

Enjoy this chapter!

Can Someone Please Explain this Situation – Chapter 4


Daily life as a Madam, start!


Iyaa~ as expected, a top class bed would provide top class comforts as well. It felt incredible sleeping in this spacious bed, not even a wrinkle was present in the pure white bed sheet, giving a cleanliness feeling, furthermore the crunchy texture was also perfect to the touch. Mmm, the servants at the duke household is doing a really good job~! I would like to have this skill by all means.

I was squirming in the bed and about to get up, when I suddenly realized something. How I will change my clothes, I didn’t have any idea about it. To begin with, if this is my parents’ home, I’ll get ready on my own, but unfortunately this is the stranger-duke-sama’s house. Would it be fine if I moving around on my own accord? Or rather, I don’t even know where the clothes is. That I didn’t get any explanation by anybody today was nothing but an inconvenience rule.

When I surveyed around whilst putting my hand on the back of my night dress,


Knock knock


Sound of brisk knocks could be heard, and following that,

“Madam, have you awaken?”

a man’s voice was sounded. It’s a man, so he should be the butler, right? Thinking it was absolutely improper to show my figure in a night-dress, I panically put a gown on top of my night-dress,

“Yes, I’ve woken up”

before proceeded to reply.

“Excuse our intrusion”

Along with that answer, a butler who appears to be a man in his prime with two other women stepped into my room. The two women were the maids that gave me assistance yesterday. One was a bit older and the other was still in her youth, both of them wore navy blue dress for the servants while their hair was tightly tied together.

The three people neatly lined up inside my room, and then,

“””Good morning, Madam”””

they promptly bowing to me. With a perfect 45 degree angle. They were magnificently well-trained, weren’t they!


Ah well, that did not even matter. Lured by their act, I was about to bow my head, but then, oh no oh no, I’m a Madam, realising I’m the Madam, I given up to the act,

“Good morning”

and simply greeted them in the end.

“I’m Rotus, a butler. From today, we’ll be the personnel responsible for giving Madam assistance. This is the head maid, Dahlia, and this is the chief of Madam’s personal maid(1), Mimosa.”

The butler saw me in satisfaction as I meekly nodded. The older maid is Dahlia, whereas the young one was introduced as Mimosa.

How should I put it, I alone will be tended by two maids, what a luxury nee~. Back in my family’s home, maid sure was a luxury item, thus we took care our own things by ourselves, you know! Though, as expected, we still need to help each other when it came to wear a corset. But if it was only clothes, I wear them myself. I also pretty much did my own make up…… even if it was only to the extent of 『roughly done』. In short, being taken care of is wonderful. I don’t sound like a grandma, right?

But here is the duke’s house. One, two or even three maid is only natural. Wealthy nobles won’t do things themselves, that much is a common sense.

“Dahlia and Mimosa, please take care of me”

Smiling, I faced the two maids.

“We might be imperfect in carrying our duty, but we’ll served you with our utmost capabilities”

“Please don’t hold back and order us with whatever you need”

The two maids began to talk while smiling.

At a glance, Dahlia’s appearance resembles those strict lady that tend to tread young ladies from the alps harshly(2), what should I do if she does have such character, I inadvertently put up guard in an instant, though it more likely to be my nonsense fear. Whereas Mimosa seems to be a sweet, lovely girl.

The butler who’s quietly watch us did self-introduction to each other,

“Given that I’m the one responsible with all the issues within this residence, if you’re worried over something, whatever it is, please tell me about it”

said that words while reverently put his hand over his chest and bowed.

“I understand”

“Then, Madam. We’ll prepare the breakfast, and once it’s ready please head toward the dining hall. We’ll take our leave now, please excuse us”

The maids said that to me who nodded in assent, then they once again bowed as they were about to leave the room.

“About the change of clothes…… “

“Yes, the clothes are in here. Please choose whichever you like”

Dahlia promptly replied before I even finished uttering those words. She approached a different door than the room entrance and directly opened it. Umm, honestly, I thought that door will leads to neighbor room, but turned out I was wrong. Inside the opened door was what can be said as a dressing room rather than a closet. From underwear to shoes, everything was available. The most stunning was the arrangement of dress which was lined up in gradation. But, isn’t I won’t wear, or rather, I can’t wear if it’s this much? For me, frequently wearing the same outfit is enough.


I frozen still, in a state of stupor as been too overwhelmed, Dahlia then gently brushed my back.

“If Madam don’t mind, we will help to choose the one which is suitable for Madam”

“…… yes, please”

This was vast different than my life so far, I felt a dizziness win me over.


A light-blue dress was chosen for me, then while letting Mimosa and Dahlia do the arrangements, I asked through the mirror,

“Come to think of it, how about my husband meal?”

“Master is completely living his life in the separate residence with companion-sama


Dahlia answered in a cold voice. How should I put it, it was to the extent that instantly change the calm and gentle Dahlia’s face into a noh mask. I looked at her. From my rear I could see a blizzard gushed out, that was not only my imagination, yes. I could sense similar atmosphere from Mimosa.

S-scary!! Who is this 『companion-sama』?!

“U-umm, who is the 『companion-sama』 you’re talking about? Did his friend arrive yesterday?”

I tried to ask, despite being freaked out by Dahlia’s atmosphere.

“Master’s favourite lady is there”

Something like his sweetheart? Don’t tell me they referred to his girlfriend?! Dahlia’s voice become so low that it was scary. Across from her, Mimosa was restraining herself with half-closed eyes. The blizzard-like aura could be felt wafted out in the air.

“Are you referring to Miss girlfriend?”

“Should I affirmed it?”

Uee~~~!! What a cold answer!

“By the way, what is her name……?”

“I think she called Karendura-sama?”

Why did you use a question form? A vague answer which seems to say 『I think something like that?』?

“D-dahlia? Mimosa?”

Both of them who were came to noticed that I frightened,

“W-well, I’m truly sorry, Madam!!”

“Don’t worry about it, Madam, everything is alright, ohohohohoho……”

Glossed over it in a hurry and returned to their gentle atmosphere.

Hmm? Do the servants dislike husband-sama to be with Miss girlfriend?


TN Notes:

(1) Personal maid, a maid which always attached to a lady and followed her around.

(2) Pewpew, the previous translator of this series, help me with this one. I take this note from his/her comment. It’s a round about way of saying that she resembles the strict lady from Heidi, Fräulein Rottenmeier.  You’ll understand the reference once you see at her picture~



29 thoughts on “Can Someone Explain This – Chapter 4

  1. You might not pick this story but I glad to see more chapters even just one or few time update. So I’m really thankful for your translation 🙂

    Seem like she will have comfort place.


  2. I don’t think I could have done it any better than you.

    Glancing over it before I need to rush to work:

    “Yes I have woken up” or “Im awake”
    “I don’t sound like a grandma, right?”

    I’d say that Mimosa is something like a personal maid. Something along the line of Madams personal maid, chief of maids Mimosa. Not too sure either, as I don’t remember the whole text.

    アルプスの少女につらく当たっていた女史のような方だった-> refers to the person that looks like someone who treaded the girl from the alps harshly. A round about way of saying she looks like Fräulein Rottenmeyer from the children movie Heidi. Why do I know this? Had to google “strict lady in the movie Heidi.” Violas sense of humor will require you to google troupes and jokes alot.


    1. Uwaa you read my translation! *blush*

      Ah! I’ll change ‘assistant maid’ to ‘personal maid’ then. And yes, also implement your other correction too. Thanks you very much :’D

      So that’s what it mean. I quite troubled with that line and just glossed it over in the end orz
      Thanks for the explanation. I’ll make some translation notes for that one.

      Also, I hope you won’t mind if I poke you on NUF when I need some assistance >.<


      1. By all means do so, I’d love to give give you a hand should you need it.
        I meant it when I said I don’t think I could have done it better. Other than weird jokes and references, I don’t think Im going to be of much use to you.


      2. Well, I’m really sure I’ll need your help, so please be prepared *coughs*

        On the other hands, my translation might seems okay, but I tend to make mistakes here and there. Thus I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy.

        Thank you so much for the offer Pewpew! I’ll make sure to bother you on NUF :’D


  3. Thanks so much for the chapter~~ I was hoping this one would update soon. Even though you’re not picking it up, sparse updates are better than no updates 🙂


    1. Hello!
      Yes, of course, please be free to :’D
      I’m more than happy to pass this series to a dedicated translation group like yours (with wonderful translation to boot) ^^


      1. Awesome, thanks! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

        I’ll get started on it, then~

        And thanks for the compliment (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ Your translations are lovely too!


  4. Thank you for the chapter! I found (and read *cough*) soap yesterday, and that led me to wondering what this series is. Thank you for sharing these~ I’m glad the servants seem to be on her side. I thought it would be unbearable if they treated her like a mistress/homewrecker, but it seems they have definitely given that role to companion-sama! I wonder if the former dancer is a diva? O.o;;


    1. *coughs* soap eh…
      No problem, thanks for reading my translation!
      This series is ultra-cute, our Madam will has more interaction with the servants from the house rather than her husband xD
      And as you can read above, kimamani translation decided to pick this up! *hype*


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