Author: Wakasa Nao

Original Japanese Chapters: Link

Table of Content:

Chapter 1 (Translated by ichigoichiebanzai)

Chapter 2 (Translated by ichigoichiebanzai)

Chapter 3 (Translated by ichigoichiebanzai)

Chapter 4 Lucia, Bidding Celes Farewell (Translated by extralaki)

[Side Story 1] Celestiano, Talking about the Encounter

[Side Story 2] Celestiano, Choosing a Present

[Side Story 3] Celestiano, Thinking about Happiness and Unhappiness

Chapter 5 Lucia, Worrying about Celes (Translated by extralaki)

Chapter 6 Lucia, Attacked by Monsters (Translated by extralaki)

Chapter 7 Lucia, Using Magic Impromptu (Translated by extralaki)

Chapter 8 Lucia, Making a Resolve (Translated by extralaki)

Chapter 9

Chapter 10