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Soap Chapter 14

Translator: Agni

Editor + proof reader + japanese advisor: yAmi


Lucia, meeting with the king


Little by little I embroidered the dress which had been brought from my room. About the pattern, I decided to use the traditional one this country had from a long time ago. This pattern was taught by my mother when she was still healthy.

Having been told not to leave this room, I could not do my usual job, so in the end I had no choice but to concentrate on doing embroidery, but it was actually a blessing.

Several days later, just when I was finished with the embroidery, I received the notification to have a meeting with the Majesty.

“Is it right now?”

I stared fixedly at Astaurgar vice-leader who brought the message to me.

The sharp eyed on Astaurgar vice-leader nodded at my impolite gaze without a single change of complexion.

“That’s right. The thing is, we emptied His Majesty time in a hurry. I am sorry for not informing you beforehand, please bear with it”

“Umm, but I don’t have any clothes…”

“The thing hanging on the wall over there is fine. Please hurry”

As expected, I didn’t get to borrow a dress. Uuu, it is good that I did some preparations. I am truly relieved that I made it on time.

The sudden, abrupt notice left me bewildered, but I couldn’t keep the busy Majesty waiting.

When Astaurgar vice-leader temporarily left the room, I wore the completed dress, and tied my hair with the ribbon I received from Celes-san. It was different from the usual, I did not tie my hair in one bundle, I braided half of my hair and let the rest of my hair fall down naturally, a somewhat complex hairstyle (1).

“Umm, I wonder if this is alright? Does it look impolite??”

“I think it is okay”

Was it an urgent matter? What could the audience be about, I couldn’t predict it at all, I could do nothing but tilt my head.

“At any rate, if you are ready, we should go. His Majesty is waiting”

“Yes, please take care of me!”

I never thought the day when I would be honored with hearing the voice of His Majesty up close would come, not even in my dreams!

I gripped my fingertip which become cold due to nervousness and desperately quickened my pace so as to not be left behind by Astaurgar vice-leader. The differences in stride length sure is tough, isn’t it.

I left the left-wing area where the chivalric order is located and as I walked into heart of the castle, I became dumbfounded by its impressiveness.

A soft and fluffy carpet was laid down on the marble floor in the corridor, likely able to bury my foot within. There were a lot of candles hung from the wall alongside the passage, making it very bright even without windows and the people going back and forth here walked elegantly — somehow it was like I was having a dream.

There was quite a bit of a distance to the audience hall. Walking on and on, we finally arrived at our destination. The first corps of the Knight Order guarded the area strictly, ahh, the king is indeed a person with a high position, once again I could sense it. The commoner me will have to carry the burden on my shoulder, you know!

The door that had properly maintained opened smoothly without even creaking, as if it wanted to leave the dumbfounded me behind.

I do not understand the etiquette well, but as looking straight at His Majesty visage would be considered as discourtesy, I stepped forward while lowering my head slightly downwards. Will this be okay?

Even so, I wonder why I was called here? The fact that I repelled ogress….is it related to that?

I pondered while looking at my reflection from the shining marble, and Astaurgar vice-leader cloak from the corners of my eyes. I hope I am not reprimanded.

“Are you Lucia Arca?”

The sudden voice made me tremble in nervousness. Was that, by any chance, His Majesty’s voice?? A voice overflowing with dignity deeply resounded in the hall.

“Ye, yes…….”

On the other hand, I who had shriveled could only let out a weak, thin voice.

“I have heard from Florid and Ivan about your power. It can calm down the monsters, is that truly the genuine thing?”

Genuine he said…do fakes exist?

I was too confused to reply. What answer would be good, I wondered. I couldn’t decide if a direct answer would be good either.

“With all respects, Your Majesty, the Knight Order and soldier corps have already submitted their reports. I also saw it with my own eyes, I know whether it is the real thing”

Oh, Astaurgar vice-leader helped me answer! Thank you. Then, at that time, he was present somewhere at the castle walls?

I was slightly relieved.

However, when I heard what His Majesty said next, once again I became dumbfounded.

“Is that so. Then, Lucia Arca, you will follow after Saint Mary, your job is to support her with that power”



(1) I think her hairstyle is something like this,




32 thoughts on “Soap Chapter 14

      1. even that might not be enough for me,sigh how I envy those people playing royal road as it is 4 times faster there than in real word,if I were to play 12 hours a day for 10 years,with 7 hours of sleep and 5 hours of other stuff like exercise etc then its like living for 25 years,as 5×4 + 5 >.<


  1. I know the whole point of this novel is for her to travel with the saint group, but the king is a shithead by not even giving her a choice in the matter.


      1. nah, I think you shouldn’t put the king there. After all, the other characters were all made as mob ones, who will be used as a stepping stone for our MCs to meet. See the king just as Mob char A xD
        I guess…


    1. Yeah, I didn’t like the king as well! Good news is that thanks to his Majesty’s order Lucy gets to meet Celes again. Bad news is that an even worst character is going to appear… This saint Mary might be just another arrogant, selfish woman spoiled by everyone. She better not come between Lucy and Celes!!!!

      Translator-sama, I hope you can keep translating this novel! Thanks a lot!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for picking this up. I enjoy the way the its wrtten and how the characters speak and think of themselves. Its very coherent and not very jumpy like alot of the reincarnation stories.

    Thank you for the chapter and editing.


    (_( ・ω<)_() ≡≡≡❤ ◎
     / つノ
    ..し―J So their making Lucia leave the kingdom to assist the saint…
    But who will assist in the protection in the kingdom? or maybe the saint is having hard time…?


    1. Probably even worse than that when she realizes that Lucia is the Dragonslaying Hero’s Girlfriend. After all she sent all the others back just so she could be alone with Celes. Now not only will she not be alone with him but the other person is his lover.
      Also just realized that Lucia is an even bigger idiot than I thought after rereading the first chapter. She knows the Dragonslaying Hero’s full name but hasn’t put together that her Celes is actually Celestiano Clementi


  4. Thank you for the chapter! It’s nice to know that at least the series is completed though, so you translators have something to work towards. 🙂


  5. Saint Mary… Perhaps *whispers.. Mary Sue?!
    I’m guessing that the Saint might be a bitc…. with horrible atittude and expecting the guys to fall for her, but everyone’s gonna fall for Lucia.. Oh noooo, what about Celes?


    1. Thanks for your support!
      Btw, if the one you translate is from my translation, please translate the edited one. The unedited one bound to have many translation mistake and I don’t want to make your reader going astray >.< It is already edited till chapter 13.
      I will back to translate once my real life got settled. Wish me luck!


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