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Soap Chapter 9

Translator: Agni

Editor + proof reader + Japanese advisor: yAmi

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Lucia, being called the soap bubble saint


“No way, to have encountered you here…! No, now the first priority is the Rukh! Please wait for a moment!”

The knight who called me ‘soap bubble saint’ was cutting at Rukh who has stopped attacking. Academia trainees, somehow able to stand up, also gave pursuit by attacking with magic.

Thank goodness, the person who got flown off by the Rukh’s talon seemed to have regained his consciousness. He was a little unsteady, but he once again prepared his staff.

The place that been cut by the knight’s sword, Academia trainees was further tearing it apart with wind magic, furthermore thrusting spears of ice onto it. That was terrific.


The two Rukh didn’t counterattack and just received the simultaneous attacks. Letting out a desperate cry, one after another the Rukh’s body collapsed on the ground.

Ee….are they defeated….??

All people in the hall, including me, held our breath at the figure of the Rukh whose didn’t move with several ice spear sticking out from its body.

“Is it …..dead?”

“ Are we saved?”

The whispers immediately changed into a tremendous cheer.

The knights were facing the hall that seemed to be swaying from the erupting cheers emerging, and after they had confirmed that the Rukh completely did not move anymore, they suddenly came approaching me.

The academia trainees seemed worried about the person who was more severely injured from being blown off by the Rukh’s talon. Two people with comparatively lighter injury were supporting from both sides to help him stand.

Everyone was bleeding from their heads or the edges of their mouths.. There were many others with small bruises, and it looks quite painful….I want them to receive medical treatment soon.

But they — especially the knights, did not seem to concern themselves with their own current condition.

“Umm — thank you very much for your help”

I said my gratitude in a fuzzy voice towards the knight before me.
Hereupon the knights shook their head.

“No, we had given you scary memories, we truly apologise. But to think that the soap bubble saint would be in the royal castle…..”

“Now and that time you saved us. We should be the ones giving our gratitude. Thank you very much”

The two knights, each of them, said their gratitude simultaneously.

Come to think of it, the first time I met with Celes-san, I remember exchanging a similar conversation with him. He encountered me when he was on going back home after defeating a dragon, and not only were his clothes washed by me, his heart was also washed……Honestly, I have memories of having washed their clothes but as for their hearts, I do not know if it was the effects of my magic.

However, not only Celes-san but the knights also said the same thing, most likely my guess was not wrong. Poorly executed or not poorly executed, a magic that I do not know well and yet it is mine.

“At that time we did not say a single word of thanks, I am very sorry. We had been very thankful to you all this while.”

The two knights kneeled before me, their right knees bent down and their heads in a deep bow, to express their gratitude.

I recognise this posture. This was Celes-san’s posture at that time when he said his gratitude towards my magic. To be similar with Celes-san even in their posture would be….!

I became flustered and hid my hand behind my back. I never experienced something like this. I am too embarrassed! Speaking of embarrassment, what was with the ‘soap bubble saint’ thing?! That is also embarrassing!

“Please stop it! Please rise! I am not worthy to receive such gratitude!”

I also squatted down in embarrassment. For me to look down at the back of the Knights’ heads, somehow this situation was like I putting on airs, I couldn’t endure it.

“Saint, once more, please lend your strength to us. If possible, please assist us with that magic of yours.”


“As we all saw, that magic seems to be able to confine the movement of the monster, or more precisely, the effect of it was similar to getting rid of their hostility. It made the fierce Rukh become similar to an ordinary bird. We have not heard of such magic.”

When they said it like that, the Rukhs indeed became quiet, somehow it was like an ordinary bird with simply a bigger build. It only made cries and did not attack, or how should I put this, it was being knocked down easily…..

“It is wrong to ask you such a thing because your position and rights is to be protected. However, both the chivalric order and the academia do not have sufficient fighting power due to the heavy blow we took during the dragon subjugation one year ago. I won’t expose you to dangerous experience. The effect of your magic is indispensable, we need to immediately bring you to the castle.”

“We will protect you without fail. Therefore please lend us your powers!”

“I believe before long the ogres will get into the range of the barrier. I only want to try out your power, so please!”

I faltered a bit from hearing the earnestness in their voices.

Honestly, I am afraid. I rather hide at the hall with everyone.

However, supposing that this ‘soap’ is useful. Kikka-san, Rossera-san, Gina-san and Gino-san, if everyone can be protected by this power.

And if this power can be a help to Celes-san who is fighting somewhere at the castle, I think I will gather my courage a little.

“Mmm, I do not know whether I will be useful…….please take care of me”



32 thoughts on “Soap Chapter 9

    1. To be honest, I became aware of that fact right after I finished chapter 9 and 10, and it did made me hesitate to continue translate this series. But… looked at this tremendous feedback, I feel like I will be cursed if I gave them hope just to crush it… ahaha. So…I will drop this series when they directly ask me to stop. Until then, let’s we enjoy it.

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  1. Thank you very much for picking it up,
    its always nice to read abandoned novel with lovely story like this, and your grammar is good I too.
    once again. Thank you


  2. Thank you for at least translating this chapter, even if you may not be able to continue. 😊 Since you asked… Here are some that just are bugging me:
    Ee….are they defeat it….?? >> Maybe ” Are they defeated?” Or ” Have they defeated it? Or “Is it defeated?” Idk
    “Is it …..die?” >> Maybe “Is it ….. Dead?” Or “Did it….die?” Or something like that
    We, this whole time, was very thankful to you” >> are very thankful to you”?
    Over all, It’s not that bad! Lol


  3. Hi there, thank you so much for picking this up!! Previous translator here~

    I was really sad that I had to stop translating this because the publisher told me to, but I was the overly honest dummy who provided my website when they asked so yeah, hopefully you don’t make the same mistake as me and email them, and then they won’t pick up on your site.

    Still, I’m looking forward to reading more of your translations, and if there’s any questions you have regarding the terminology, feel free to ask! >w<


    1. No problemo~
      Thanks for your support \(^^)/ Even though my translation is not as good as yours (the sudden drop of quality is….lol) but I will give my best!
      Yeah I will feign ignorance, ahaha. This novel is not likely to be licensed in English so honestly they (the publisher) got nothing to lose. When I was aware of this news, I was quite puzzled as to why they had to stop your translation. I thought it was the author who stopped you…
      Yeah I will take your offer then. Fufufu~


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