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Soap Chapter 10

Translator: Agni

Editor + proof reader + Japanese advisor: yAmi

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Lucia, helping the knights


“Thank you very much! Soap bubble saint, thank you!”

“We will protect you, please rest assured!”

Seeing me nod, the knights seemed really happy.
Even so….that name, could you do something about it??

“Mmm, that name is a little……I feel sorry for saint-sama, I will be happy if you can call me Lucia.”

“It is Lucia-sama then”

“Please don’t call me with honorific!”

Somehow I managed to get the knights-sama to treat me appropriately.

“Well then, I will do as you wish….. Lucia, I am Jeremia Asukari. This thin one is Fader Brizzi.”

“Lucia-san, I am looking forward to work with you”

The tall knight with sand colored hair is Asukari-san and the one with glossy honey colored hair seems to be Brizzi-san.

Brizzi-san….. Come to think of it, Celes-san mentioned that there was this person called Lily Brizzi at his house,  I wonder if he talked about this person.

“So, could we immediately heading to the castle wall?”

“If we just leave as it is, don’t we will get wet? How about we stop by at the knight corps office for a moment and bring rain gear? Well…..us aside, is it okay with you Lucia?”

“No, we can leave as it is. We need to hurry don’t we?”

The rain is just a drizzle, we may get a little wet but it is alright.

“Then use this. If the rain fall heavily you will get wet, this can protect you against the rain. Besides, our knight uniform is specially made by the academia, it have high defensive power, you know?”

When he said so, Brizzi-san hung his cloak on top of my head. His cloak was wet from the rain, it is certainly heavy, but this washing laundry lady is not that weak. This much is nothing!

“Excuse me, thank you very much. I am sorry but I will borrowing this”

I hesitated a little bit, but I decided to use his cloak obediently.

When I gave my gratitudes, Brizzi-san laughed happily.

We went past the side of the rukh’s corpse, then we were headed for the garden from the collapsed balcony.

The academia trainees and the injured soldiers said that they will guard the hall together, they are truly admirable. I am thankful of them.

“We will be leaving the castle shortly. Are you alright?”

“Yes, I will be doing my best”

I consented to Asukari-san anxious voice. It is scary, but I hate regretting that I did not do it.

Also because of the rain, it was considerably dark outside. I wonder what time it is now.

Beside the tightly closed castle entrance there was a side door usually used by the palace guards, from there we were leaving to the town.

Usually the imperial capital’s street was crowded with people, as the name should imply, but now the town was still as death. The rain kept pouring down, there was not even a single street store, nor a single soul.

We ran at full speed on the empty stone pavement.

We ran straight into the main street and when we arrived at the castle gate, the surrounding became noisy, as though the silence up until now was a lie, Don! Occasionally, the ground shook creating a dull sound.

When I looked inside, there were many soldiers, each holding a weapon in order to defend the castle gates.

The difference between them and the knights order was that they were clad in full body armor, and because of the armour, they looked extremely imposing.

“We are the 3rd corps, please let us through! We will be going up the castle wall!”

Asukari-san raised his voice. Then, the front of the staircase, which was by the side of the gate, started cracking open . Amazing.

Asukari-san plunged into a narrow path that came into our sight. Brizzi-san also followed him.

I followed behind the two of them while receiving the gaze which seemed to be saying ‘who the heck are you…’ (That’s right, I, am their uniform washing lady, and was passing through together with them, they must have no idea why right!). You have to be with knights order or soldier corps, or else you can’t go to the top of the castle wall, so this was my first experience. But I’m not happy at all.

“How is the situation!”

“We are currently using ballista at the battle! We will attack with our archers as soon as they enter their effective shooting range! The attack from the enemy is not yet……who is this?”

The one who appears to be a knight-sama and Asukari-san colleague simply replied to his question, but when he turned around and saw me, he made a deep frown on his forehead.

“Guido, she is the soap bubble saint!”

Brizzi-san put his hand on my shoulder while introduced me…..ee, that name, when did it  become official??

“Haa……….what?! Why she is here……I mean, why are you bring her now!”

Knight-sama who had been referred as Guido-san, turned towards me with a perplexed expression. Yes, I am so out of place right. I am also wondering whether it is okay for me to be here!

“She has the ability to create soap bubbles that can make monsters obedient! The Rukh lost its fighting spirit and it simply became a one-sided slaughter. She didn’t even need to use many waves of magic , immediately after being struck with magic, all it could do was to spread its wings to threaten us and stamp its feet in frustration. It is worth to take the gamble!”

“We confirmed it with our own eyes. That fierce Rukh became docile with one shot. It was like an ordinary bird. She can buy us some time before the castle wall is broken through. Please let her try at least once!”

I scrutinised Guido-san’s grey eyes that were assessing me. The surrounding knights also had doubtful expression.

“Is that the truth?”

“Why would I lie in this desperate situation?”

“A merchant would tell a lie when it is convenient.”

“That is misunderstanding! My household motto is to be sincere to customers! No, I mean, I am a knight!”

As they argued back and forth, my heart was pounding so hard that it became immensely painful.

“Anyway, let’s head to the front! Lucia, come here”

Asukari-san pushed aside the knights and soldiers who crammed around me and took my hand while moving forward.


I held my breath when I saw the spectacle from the castle wall. This would easily be over 100 of them? A great number of Ogres and Ogresses were steadily closing in on Al Tado!

They were letting out an angry cry when the boulder sometimes fallen down onto them. The low eerie cries sent chills down my spine. Scary!

Brizzi-san gently held my trembling shoulder. When I glanced at him, I could see anxiety in his hazel eyes as they were fixed on me.

“I am sorry, I know all of this would make a young woman afraid.  Even so, please allow us to depend on your power”

“No……I am, I also want to do whatever I can. If my power can be of help for even just a little, I will endure it”

I put strength into my hand that gripped the cloak. A bonfire erupted and illuminated brightly inside of me.
Celes-san, please give me courage!

“I’ll do it.”

I breathed deeply to calm down.

Now, I could see the figure of monsters appearing as they closed in and prepared myself.


When I chanted loudly, a large amount of soap bubbles arose and completely covered my sight. —And then, along with it, in front of my eyes was total darkness.



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