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Soap chapter 11

Translator: Agni

Editor + proof reader + Japanese advisor: yAmi

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Lucia, receiving VIPs visit


I was woken up by a refreshing breeze that caressed my cheek.

When I opened my eyes, I was not in my own room, but instead in an unfamiliar room. From the opened window, I could see a blue sky the colour of Celes-san’s eye.

I pushed my elbow, tried to rise up from the bed, but I couldn’t muster up any strength. My head was so dizzy; this condition was like having a severe anemia.

Moreover my body felt so cold. Even though I was wrapped in many, many layers of futon, it was so cold that even my core went numb. What was with this situation?

I gave up raising my body. I couldn’t help but feel tired no matter what I did. But, why?

I heaved a sigh and once again closed my eyes while lying down. I am not sleepy, but keeping my eyes open was annoying.

In my quiet room, I could faintly hear people’s voices from the outside. I think they were the voices of the people from the knights order or the people from the soldiers corps in the middle of their training. After hearing something like someone giving instructions  and a voice which responded to that, I vaguely remembered an event from not too long ago.

That was……a dream wasn’t it? That spectacle was too unrealistic to be a reality, I reflexively believed that was being the case and have my mind stopped thinking about it, but then I couldn’t understand the reason I am in this strange room.

When I was at this condition, listening carefully in that manner, a sound of light knock at the door could be heard. Knock knock knock knock, it was knocked four times, then the door knob was turned with a click.

“I wonder if she will wake up soon……uun, she is still sleeping”

“Then, shall we come again next time, Bechler-sensei?”

“True. If she is still sleeping it may be for the best for her to continue her sleep”

It was the carefree voice of a man, a monotone voice of another man in contrast, and the hoarse voice of an old man.

My eyelids were closed even though I was not sleeping, so I opened my eyes lightly then turned my face from where the voice came from.

“No……I will get up”

“Yo! Good, you have woken up. Can you get up? Is it impossible?”

“That would be impossible. Being able to raise your body after magical power exhaustion is not possible, since one night of sleep is not enough to recover. It would be unreasonable for her to be able to get up.”

The one speaking casually was the person wearing a white robe, and he was referred to as Bechler-sensei.

The person who talked about magical power had a characteristically long white beard, and was wearing a deep red robe that was worn by the high magicians of the Academia..

Students wear a dark blue Academia’s robe, trainees wear a deep green one, and both teachers and researchers have a deep red one, so this person should be a person who holds strong powers within the academia. No ordinary person could ever wear that deep red robe after all.

“If you have woken up, then we can make this quick I am Florid Astaurgar. I serve as Vice-Knight-Order-Chief of the Banfield Knight Order.”

The person wearing the knight order’s uniform is the vice-chief, isn’t he? Why is such a great person here?

“I am Adam Bechler, a doctor at the Knight order. The magician over there is the Academia Principal, Ivan DeViar.”

Vice-chief-sama, Doctor-sama, moreover, Academia principal-sama??
My body shuddered in the presence of these people whom I will never meet under normal circumstances..

“Let’s see, why don’t you drink the magical power restoration medicine first. It might have quite bad taste, but drinking a little of it should regain your ability to move..”

Bechler-sensei put his arm under my back to raise my upper body and put a pillow behind it.

“Are you able to drink it by yourself?”

As I leaned back on the pillow, he held out a bright blue bottle on his hand towards me.

I tried to move my sluggish arm to receive the bottle, but my strength didn’t come out.

“Too impossible eh. Then I have to make you drink it. Even though it tastes nasty, you can’t leave even one drop behind, okay?”

Bechler-sensei stopped attempting to pass me the bottle and brought the bottle close to my lips. Ough, what a terrible smell!

After swallowing the medicine with a do-or-die determination, my body became slightly warmer.

But this medicine was really terrible! It was so sweet that my head felt like buzzing, and a bitterness that numbed my tongue, I want to cry! It would be better if at least the medicine only caused one of them, and yet!

“It was terrible right, this medicine. I am also not very good with it. The improvement of magical power restorative medicine is Academia’s number one research topic, but not much progress has been made.”

At my teary eyes, DeViar principal was laughing till his blue-sea eyes become narrow. If there was a person who can take this, I would definitely like to hear his thoughts. That’s how strong I think the taste is!

After a while, my chilly body became warm and I also became able to move my sluggish body as I want.

“Umm, thank you very much. I am called Lucia Arca. And that……why is everyone here?”

I, who was finally able to talk, corrected my seated posture to face the three of them and asked.

“I came to examine a patient-san”

“I came to confirm your powers”

“Now, shall I confirm the amount of your magical power right away? When completely out of magical power, drinking this high ranking magical power restorative medicine would recover 1000. In the case of an ordinary magician, they would be fully recovered; Academia trainees need two bottles, and when it comes to teachers, three to four bottles are necessary. By the way, saint-samas would need 6 bottles fully restore their magical powers.”

6 bottles! How terrifying!

I recalled the taste of some time ago and trembled.
Saint-sama…..is amazing. I wouldn’t be able to drink it.

“Which means, you need to drink one more bottle right? It is alright, I still have more of that!”


Bechler-sensei said that terrifying thing with a grin.

“Drink 2 bottles first for measurement, then approximately 2000 would be recovered, add 1 bottle then we will measure it again. Give your best, Lucia-chan!”

I don’t want to give my best!

I reflexively shook my head, Bechler-sensei is heartless.

I ended up drank 4 bottles as the outcome……..I was in dire need to remove this bad taste.


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  1. Thank you for the chapter! I am really glad someone picked this~

    P.S. could you give a slight spoiler about at which chapter will she meet Celes again? Please~


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